Brian Favia

Pocket Beanie Babies

3D Animation, 3D Art

3D Art, 3D Animation

Pocket Beanie Babies is a virtual pet web game developed and hosted by Cellufun. Players can use virtual currency to adopt numerous different virtual pets based on real Beanie Babies brand plush toys. Like most pet simulation games, players must take good care of their Beanie Babies by feeding, grooming and playing with them daily. The game was officially licensed by Beanie Babies holding company Ty Inc.

I served as a 3D artist and animator on this project, in charge of making two of the Beanie Baby characters featured in the game: Midas the lion and Gussy the goose. For both "pets" I received 3D models approved by Ty, which I rigged, animated and rendered in Autodesk Maya. Like Mobile Pets, players saw their pets' animations as looping animated GIFs embedded in the UI.

Below are select samples of the actions I animated and rendered for Midas and Gussy.

For more information on Pocket Beanie Babies, view the game's catalog page on Cellufun.


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