Brian Favia



About Me

I am a digital artist and UI/UX designer with over a decade of experience in mobile app, game and VR development. I am currently a Senior Artist / Designer at Surreal VR, a New York City-based game and platform developer.

What do I do? I sketch and paint digitally. I design user interfaces and websites. I do 2D and 3D animation. I create logos, brand identities and marketing materials. I even dabble in 3D modeling, texturing and lighting.

However, I am about more than just making pretty pictures. I conceive and design interactive products from the ground up. I help businesses shape the look and feel of their applications and brands. I solve usability issues to compose the best possible user experiences. I write documents and page flows to clearly communicate my designs and processes.

Simply put, creating is my passion, and engaging others with my work is what drives that passion.


User-Inspired Design

For any app, game or website to succeed, it needs to look good and feel right to its intended user. Even the best idea can struggle to get off the ground with a poor presentation. That is why it is crucial to understand both the audience your product is for and the platform on which they will use it. That's where I come in.

As a UI/UX Designer I conceive and build digital products for mobile, PC and other platforms, applying years of practice and knowledge in user interaction to design the most engaging experiences for today's devices. Of course when creating a product, one must know who you are designing for. That’s why I begin every project with extensive user and market research, information which is translated into wireframes, flows and rapid prototypes.

From early concept to final design, I frequently test my designs and iterate as needed, always striving for pixel-perfect balance and clear communication to the user.


Beautiful Pixels

Armed with a Wacom tablet and a mastery of Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, I craft pixel-perfect designs, illustrations and animations from scratch. My art work has been featured in numerous digital products, including mobile games published by Electronic Arts and Disney.

Whether I am creating concept art, covers, UI, game sprites, logos or other commissioned work, I take much pride in my versatility in art styles and attention to detail. Drawing has been a passion of mine since early childhood, and I am fortunate today to be continuing that passion as a professional. My inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, including sci-fi and fantasy fiction as well as world history.